About me

Glenn HÃ¥rseide

Name: Glenn
Occupation: System-Engineer with Palo Alto Networks

Always been into technology, and pushing it to it’s limits. I have a burned 486DX 66mhz CPU to prove that fact!

I ended up working with IT-security due to several reasons, but the biggest one is that it’s dynamic! Everything changes, all the time.
And that means that the products to defend us also has to be dynamic! The attackers are using DNS? We need to protect DNS! They move over to SSL? We need to inspect SSL!
It’s a chase, and for me it’s an exciting one!

This is also the reason why I chose to work for Palo Alto Networks, they have one consolidated plattform that help me and other security professionals actually pinpoint what is happening in our networks. A feature few other can. And on top of that I can enforce and block unwanted behavior based on applications, and not ports like I had to do before.

I can finally block BitTorrent and Skype, try to do that with a firewall only looking at Ports.